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Ready to get fit? Do you have a group of 3-5 that are ready to work out together? 

Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is meant for small groups that want personalized workouts and individual attention without paying the price of one-on-one training. In addition to cost savings, with group personal training you get the added benefit of motivation from both your peers and the instructor. It's also a lot more fun. 


SGPT is not like group exercise classes where you have dozens of people in a large room with little or no individualized instruction. After consulting with your group, I will create an exercise program to meet your specific needs. We would work on your exercise as well as nutrition.

Small Group Personal Training (3-5 people)                    



55 Minute Sessions                   


Packages                 Prices



4 Sessions               $360




8 Sessions               $575




12 Sessions             $720




30 Minute Buddy Sessions             



Packages                 Prices


4 Sessions              $180




8 Sessions              $290




12 Sessions            $360


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